WiceGrid version 3.4.0

WiceGrid version 3.4.0 has been released.


Version 3.4.0 of WiceGrid works with Rails 4 without any changes to the API.

However, Rails 4 produdes the following deprecation message:

DEPRECATION WARNING: It looks like you are eager loading table(s) (one of: tasks, statuses) that are referenced in a string SQL snippet. For example:

Post.includes(:comments).where("comments.title = 'foo'")

Currently, Active Record recognizes the table in the string, and knows to JOIN the comments table to the query, rather than loading comments in a separate query. However, doing this without writing a full-blown SQL parser is inherently flawed. Since we don't want to write an SQL parser, we are removing this functionality. From now on, you must explicitly tell Active Record when you are referencing a table from a string:

Post.includes(:comments).where("comments.title = 'foo'").references(:comments)

This will be fixed in future versions of WiceGrid and will cause a change in the declaration of columns.

An Android app is looking for a new owner

Onregelmatige Werkwoorden, a simple Android app with a list of irregular Dutch verbs
is looking for a new owner.

Source code

WiceGrid version 3.3.0

WiceGrid version 3.3.0 has been released.


  1. The with_paginated_resultset callback receives an ActiveRelation object, not a lambda
  2. Wice::Defaults::DATEPICKER_YEAR_RANGE added to the config to define the default year range in Datepicker (https://github.com/leikind/wice_grid/issues/61)
  3. Improvement of the javascript calendar control: if the FROM field is set to a value after TO, TO is set to the value of FROM. Vice versa: if the TO field is set to a value before FROM, FROM is set to the value of TO
  4. New view helpers filter_and_order_state_as_hash(grid) and filter_state_as_hash(grid)
  5. HTML tag caption supported
  6. Support for Ruby 2.0
  7. 2 errors fixed in the Saved Queries UI ( https://github.com/leikind/wice_grid/issues/89 )
  8. Bug fixed: extra_request_parameters not propagating to the pagination panel
  9. Documentation improvements

As usual, play the with the demo app, consult the documentation.

This plugin is not yet ready for Rails 4!

dict_client 0.0.1

I have just released dict_client 0.0.1.

The code was originally written by Dave Pearson, I have rewritten it partially and packaged it.

The Dictionary Server Protocol is a TCP transaction based query/response protocol that allows a client to access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. See RFC 2229 for details.

July 25, 2013 | | Tagged ruby, dictd

WiceGrid version 3.2.1.pre3

WiceGrid version 3.2.1.pre3 has been released with bugfixes.