WiceGrid version 3.2.1.pre1

WiceGrid version 3.2.1.pre1 has been released.


  1. action_column can now also take a block. If the block returns a falsy value, no checkbox will be rendered. Example .
  2. A fix: the css class submitted to column is also added to the <th> tags of the column.
  3. Filter related code has been refactored: condition generators are unified together with view column processors into one module. Writing your own filters has been simplified.
  4. The default filter for numeric columns has been replaced by a simple one field filter which checks the values for equality, not the inclusion in a range. Example. New column parameter :filter_type allows to load custom alternative filters. The old numeric range filter can still be used by specifying filter_type: :range. See lib/columns/column_processor_index.rb for the list of available filters.