WiceGrid: jQuery support & autoreloading filters

The other day an experimental branch was merged into master, adding support for jQuery, in addition to Prototype. Now WiceGrid contains two different generators installing two different javascript files, and a constant in the configuration file specifying which javascript dialect should be used for the JS code injected into the page.

Read more in the README file .

The only missing component is the JS calendar which would be similar to the Prototype version. Among the vast number of date and time related widgets existing for jQuery I haven’t been able to find one with both date and time, and with a simple and sane UI, and I just don’t feel like repeating the story with Calendarview which I had to rewrite heavily adding missing features in order to use it for WiceGrid.

The default jQuery Datepicker seem to be very good and configurable though, but it is only a date picker. Thus, WiceGrid will fall back to standard Rails date/datetime controls when in jQuery mode.

Another new feature is autoreloading filters. Try to use filters on this example page and you’ll see how the grid reloads itself automatically preserving the focus for input fields.

The rewrite of WiceGrid for Rails 3.0 is planned, but I cannot say anything about the time. My daytime job involves development and maintenance of huge codebases written for Rails 2, and WiceGrid is widely used there.